Private Prenatal Class

birth-Northern Mama, Sudbury, Doula, Doula Sudbury, Sudbury Doula, Birth Support, Birth Services, Postpartum Support, Newborn, Mom Life, Motherhood, Midwives, Birth Centre, Hospital, Therapy, Postpartum Depression, Counselling, Perinatal Therapist, Social Worker, Mom Mugs, Mugs, Northern, Ontario, Northern Ontario-smallSo, you are pregnant and your due date is inching closer. You find you are getting more and more nervous about what the big day will be like. You want to find ways to make the experience as positive (and COMFORTABLE)  as possible, for both you and your partner (should you have one), but you are not even sure where to start.

Well, don’t you stress, because we have got you covered!

Our Private Prenatal Class is PERFECT for expectant parents who want to learn all about birth and how to make the experience as stress-free as possible. These classes are not only full of information but SUCH A GOOD TIME.

The topics in this class include:

What to Expect at the End of Pregnancy
How to Know if You Are in Labour
Stages of Labour
Comfort Measures
Non-Medical Alternatives to Induction
Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas)
Risk and Benefits of Induction (and different types)
Newborn Care
Mom Care (including Perinatal Mental Health Challenges)
And so much more!


We totally understand that it can be hard to find time in our busy schedules to attend prenatal classes, especially if you or your partner work shift work or have opposite schedules. Which is why our private prenatal classes are tailored to YOUR schedule.

If you have pregnant friends who are looking for a prenatal class, invite them too (up to 3 couples).

These classes are 3 hours and $199 + hst. Please email or contact us here for any questions, or to schedule your private prenatal class.

* Must be within 80 km of Greater Sudbury Area for class*

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