What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who specializes in providing emotional, physical and informational support before, during, and after childbirth.

We are there to give you information, helpful tips, guidance and encouragement, and to make your experience as comfortable, stress-free and positive as possible. Our purpose is to ensure that you feel supported, confident and informed in your birth and postpartum experiences.

What is the difference between a Midwife and a Doula?

A midwife is a medically trained care provider who takes care of the health of the mother and baby in lieu of a doctor or obstetrician. Doulas, on the other hand, are there for support. We are specifically trained to to care for the mother’s emotional needs and physical comfort.

Doulas do not measure blood pressure or fetal heart rates, or perform any form of medical interventions. Doulas do offer non-medical pain-relieving techniques, such as massage and birthing positions to support a woman through the birth process and thus, reduce the need for medications.

Do Doula’s attend Hospital Births?
Or just home births?

Yes! We support all kinds of births, at home or in hospital. In fact, the majority of the births we attend are in-hospital. We will either meet you at your home or at the hospital and support you fully until the birth of your baby. For a home birth we will meet you at your home and stay until the baby is born.

What if I want an epidural?
Can I still benefit from a doula?

Absolutely (as long as you are at the hospital, as you cannot get an epidural at a home birth).

Our job is to support YOUR choices. During your first prenatal appointment we will talk about the different kinds of interventions available to you and I will provide you with the most up to date research and information on their risks and benefits. Then the choice is entirely up to you, and we will support you 100%.

My partner will be at the birth.
Will a doula take their place?
Do I still need one?

A doula in no way replaces a partner during a birth. Our role is to support and encourage BOTH of you, which often helps take the pressure off the partner as the sole provider of comfort and support.

How far before my due date can/should I book you?

The sooner the better! We take on a limited number of births each month and typically book up well in advance, so booking in sooner than later will ensure you a spot – and it also means you can reap maximum benefit, as our support starts immediately after booking.

How can I/you be sure you’ll be available for my birth?

Great question. We are careful not to book too many births in a given month – and so far, we’ve never had two mothers in labour at the same time. That said, Meg and Lisa work as a team. If your primary doula isn’t available due to being off-call or at another birth, you will be supported by the other one. You’ll get to know us both during your pregnancy to ensure you’re comfortable with the doula that attends your birth, no matter who it is.

How do payments work?

Typically birth support and postpartum doula packages are split into two payments – one upon booking and another one prior to our first prenatal appointment. Other services are purchased on an as-needed basis. That said, we can offer payment plans if that would make the investment easier for you. We’d be happy to discuss options with you at your consultation.

We accept payment via cheque and e-transfer.

Will I have a chance to meet you before deciding whether to hire you?

Yes! Hiring a doula is a very personal decision – and one that should not be made without an in-person meeting. Both Lisa and Meg attend all consultations so you’ll get to know both of us, and can ask us any questions you like to help you make your decision.


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