Becoming a mother is messy
(in more ways than one).
Let’s get through it together.

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Northern Mama Maternal Services

Birth and postpartum support in Sudbury and beyond

Studies show that the right support can reduce anxiety, improve your birth experience, and make the transition to motherhood easier.

Whether you need a doula, extra hands in the postpartum period, someone to talk to when the going gets tough, or help getting some (much-needed) sleep, we’re here to support you – both physically and mentally before, during, and after your birth.

About Us

At Northern Mama, we’re committed to caring for your head, your heart and your body in equal measure. Which is why every member of our team has a psychology and/or social work background.

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Our therapy service is in-home (saving you from having to schlep across town – or even get dressed if you don’t want to) or via skype or phone.

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Birth Support

A birth doula is there to provide you – and your partner – with the support you need, when you need it so you can have a positive birth experience (whatever that means for you).

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Talk & Text Support

If you don’t want to hire a doula for your birth, but DO want to have a trusted professional throughout your pregnancy, our Talk & Text Support is for you.

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Post Partum Support

Having an extra set of hands – and a trustworthy source of information and support – in the days and weeks following birth can make ALL the difference.

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Northern Mama Therapy Fund

We feel passionately about giving back to our community as much as possible, so we created the Northern Mama Therapy Fund; 5% of all sales goes directly to this fund.

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Doula Testimonials*

In the end I did not get to experience many things that I had hoped for– a spontaneous labour, a home birth, a water birth– but this was my most joyous and satisfying birth experience. The difference? My doula. Meg was so affirming, made me feel confident in my decisions and made the atmosphere more fun and joyful when the big day came. She took away a lot of my nervousness and self doubt just by being there and asking the right questions, or making the right encouraging comments at the right time. 

Margaret Mom to Seth, Peyton and Sadie January 30, 2018

As first time parents it was so wonderful having Meg by our side during this journey. Meg manages to be both highly professional and compassionate. Our pregnancy and birth experience went so much more smoothly thanks to her support. Her involvement every step of the way was invaluable. If we are fortunate enough to have another child, we hope Meg will be available to provide her services again.

Daniel , dad to Benjamin  January 30, 2018

*Testimonials are exclusively for doula services only. Therapy services shall not be endorsed or commented on in any capacity

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