All The Damn Pressure

As moms we can sometimes put pressure on ourselves to love every.single.minute of time with our kids, and we feel so freaking guilty when we don’t. 

It can start as early as the first trimester of pregnancy, when we are throwing up every day from morning sickness and we feel like CRAP, but we feel guilty because we are “supposed” to only feel grateful. 

It can happen when we are feeding our newborn in the middle of the night, almost tearful from exhaustion and all we want is for them to sleep; yet we feel pressure to “enjoy this precious time while they are still small.”

It can occur when we are trying to get literally ANYTHING done with a tiny human wrapped around us, in front or behind us, and all we want is 5 minutes to unload the dishes, but we feel bad because all they want is to spend time with us. 

It is OKAY if you don’t love it all

Not loving all of the challenging moments is TOTALLY OKAY. We do not have to always feel grateful, or cherish every minute with our tiny humans.  It is actually not realistic to think we can feel that way every second of every day. 


Just because we are parents does not mean that we stop being human beings and human beings get frustrated, disappointed, overwhelmed, etc. These emotions are a part of parenthood too.

You are not doing it wrong

As parents we are all just doing the absolute best that we can. Being a parent is hard enough without feeling like it’s being done wrong. Every one of us will have unique feelings and experiences in our own parenting journey, and that is all entirely okay; INCLUDING not loving it.

THERE IS NO ONE RIGHT WAY TO BE A PARENT. Being a parent is a huge job, and there are times when it is beautiful, fulfilling and joyful, but there are also occasions when it is overwhelming, exhausting and challenging. All of these experiences are totally normal.

We feel you

At Northern Mama we are here to encourage parents to embrace their own experiences, both the beautiful, wonderful ones, as well as the difficult ones. So let’s normalize the whole experience of what being a parent can look like. We can do it together, keeping Motherhood REAL and REALISTIC and sharing our truths. <3

We always love to hear from you; what parts of parenthood do you struggle with? What parts do you love? Comment below or over on our Facebook. You can also follow us on Instagram.

If you are having challenges during your pregnancy or postpartum period and want to have some additional support (including perinatal therapy, birth and postpartum support) check out our services to find out how the Northern Mama Team can make your experience as positive as possible.

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